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In Asia, in every rural village, elephants are considered to be the cousins of clouds... A film poem painted on Buddha Board.

Un trésor à la carte, works of art for the benefit of the solidarity of people at sea. The NGO Watever has brought back 60 nautical charts from Bangladesh, entrusted to as many artists as creative media. All of these original works were the subject of a private sale by auction on March 26, 2019 at the Lafayette Anticipation Foundation. The profits have been entirely donated to the actors of the sea rescue SOS Mediterranean and the rescuers at sea SNSM

An oratorio, a card: a short film. A crossing, of the Sea between the Lands, a crossing between the horror and the beginning of the hope. Here begins ...

An exhibition of photographs and video by Nicolas Claris and Romain Claris.

NOIRS has already been presented to the public of Bordeaux from June 20 to September 9, 2018 in the art gallery of the Relais & Châteaux Saint-James in Bouliac…
In 2019 we are particularly pleased to show this exhibition from April 24 to 28, 2019 during the International Multihull Boat Show.

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CNB yacht builders got together with film director Romain Claris, renowned in the nautical world for his films and in the arthouse cinema field, for having illustrated the following words: AIR - SEA - BOAT - LAND. These poems attempt to highlight the elements which strike those who sail and which they miss so dearly when they are on land. Images and sounds that call out to and remind one of the desire to leave… where the adventure promises to be filled with harmonious emotions.

An exhibition of photographs and video by Nicolas Claris and Romain Claris. May 2-June 12, 2017 at Relais & Châteaux Le Saint-James, Bouliac. The red will be the usual thing at Château Angélus and at Print!

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Exhibition internet website

This short film draws a parallel between the making of a dress by stylist Aurore Doutreleau and the meeting between this dress and a woman. Sketches run across paper. A woman stops at a shop window. The fabric is placed on a pattern, is adjusted, sewn, shaped. A hand touches, tests, grazes through the fabric of the dress shown on the dressmaker’s dummy. Cutting. The large scissor blade moves forward on the fabric. In the fitting room, sensitive skin shimmers, loses patience and imagines the imminent caresses of the yet unknown fabric, a precious, silent moment. One feels, sees the excitement, the fun provided by the fitting. Assembling the garment, finishing. Materials meet, follow the shapes and movements of the body.

The Shiromuku is the white kimono that wear the Japanese bride during the traditional ceremony. The dressing of the kimono is an art, a delicate moment, where every movement is a rite.

In Japan, the Omikuji predicts the person's chances of his or her hopes coming true, of finding a good match, or generally matters of health, fortune, life…

«Look at the impulse of the dragonfly take off for the harmony of colors in movement. Then, it is your painting time…»


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